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Although there has been more awareness of ADHD in the Chinese speaking world in recent years, the depth and width of tragedies caused by untreated cases are still wide and deep. It is not just ADHD children and adolescents suffer - their psychosomatic and social problems include, typically, poor self-esteem, anxiety, loss of interest in learning and more seriously substance abuse and depression, but also their parents with anxiety, marital discord, and even depression and domestic violence. It is not uncommon that these parents themselves have an underlying undiagnosed ADHD and mood disorders, results can include loss of jobs and even bankruptcy.

These tragedies could have been prevented in the first place had their conditions been identified and managed earlier. Indeed it is very gratifying to see how families turn around after the identification and management of the cause – ADHD.

A stunning observation is that most of my ADHD patients, children or adults are intelligent, creative, sensitive and even talented. They are normal people, just like you and me. Misunderstanding and fear stemming from ignorance about the condition was the huge obstacle for them to seek help!

The great news is in recent years there has been a rapid growth of scientific studies which have significantly advanced understanding of the pathophysiology and psychopharmacology of ADHD. We, the ADHD Foundation, feel that there is no better time to educate the public and in particular related professionals – health workers, teachers and educators, social workers, etc. It is imperative to demystify the condition and for these professionals to put aside the long-standing segregation among themselves, collaborate as a task force and work hand in hand to help ADHD people attain a quality life that they deserve.


Dr. Eunice Wong

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