Mission Statement

The ADHD Foundation is a non-profit making organization founded by a group of professionals and advocates in Hong Kong in 2005 to raise public awareness and promote knowledge on the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and ultimately equal educational and career development opportunities for sufferers.

Our Mission

  • To promote knowledge building and an all-round understanding of ADHD;
  • To advocate for a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and management of the condition;
  • To raise public awareness of the importance of early intervention and management of ADHD.

Our Objectives

The ADHD Foundation strives to:
  • Contribute to the global knowledge building effort by developing research in the local community;
  • Raise public awareness of ADHD both in children and adults, especially among the Chinese community;
  • Promote an integrated approach to the assessment and management of ADHD;
  • Collaborate with various professional organizations to facilitate their understanding and management of ADHD from their own perspectives, by organizing lectures, workshops, and forums, conducive to any of the objectives of the Foundation;
  • Participate in the international ADHD network to keep the community up to date on the latest knowledge in this area and thus to ensure quality care for people affected by ADHD;
  • Publish books and research articles, including web-publications for the dissemination of knowledge and experience sharing in the community;
  • Raise funds for promoting care services for the disadvantaged who are affected by ADHD.
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