What does ADHD Foundation do? In fact this website is one of our important projects as we found there are not too many public resources in the Chinese speaking world on ADHD. In a nutshell, we:
  • Organize regular meetings for knowledge and experience sharing, notably the monthly Doctors Interest Group
  • Our speakers include some of the most renowned experts overseas and the subjects range from the latest scientific research on the brain to romantic love! So it is not only or always for the doctors – we welcome you to become our associates and participate in these seminars!
  • Design and run special awareness and training projects, such as Nam Wah School Project Oct 2006 – 07
  • Organize public education in the form of DVD, website, seminars, etc.
  • Engage and exchange with related organizations and bodies
  • Facilitate the formation of patients and parents’ support group
  • Liaise with professionals and participate in international conferences
  • Support research activities, especially those of our members

Main List of Seminars / Workshops & Other Activities

  • Seminars & Workshops for Physicians and other Professionals
  • Seminars & Workshops for the Public
  • Other Meetings / Activities

Many of our talks are video-taped and have written materials such as powerpoints. Click here for our premier selection and full list.

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